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Best IG Style Moments Before 2020 Shut Down

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Before 2020 ended 3 months in, fashion month and awards season were filling our feeds with amazing fashion. There were tons of outfit inspo giving us plenty of ideas for our next shopping excursions. Now our timelines are full of boring challenges and constant coverage about Covid-19. It would still be nice to see people dress really cute and simple even if they are at home. I know everyone has more important things going on like social distancing, practicing good hygiene, and apparently tic-tocking? You know we love to focus on fashion during anything at Snob Queens. So here are the best IG style moments before the year 2020 shut down.  

Best IG Fashion Month Style

Fashion month finished before the United States shut down and we all had to shelter in place. There were so many dope fashion moments we could hardly round up our faves for this post. We were able to see looks from New York, Milan, Paris, and London uninterrupted and we enjoyed every moment of it. Nicki Minaj made an appearance at Marc Jacobs and Rihanna launched her Fenty Brand  in Bergdorf Goodman. Janelle Monae rocked her classic black and white at Chanel and Yara Shahidi gave us a bomb Gucci moment.

Take A Look At All Our Favorite Fashion Week Moments Below:

Awards Season

Awards season was very interesting this year. Snob Queens weren’t actually trying to hit the shows. They were getting glammed to hit the party’s leading up to or after the events. These actions have been a long time coming as Hollywood is still not as diverse as we would like it to be. Most of our favorite looks came from The Roc Nation Brunch and The Vanity Fair Oscars Party. While the red carpets were stunning, the party gowns and dresses were real head turners. 

Take A Look Below At Our Fave Awards Season Looks:

Stunting For The Gram

Snob Queens do this all the time. No matter what’s going on in the World some baddie is stunting for the gram. They’re not necessarily only showing off for IG, but sharing their outfit of the day before handling business. We absolutely love celebrity ootd posts, we get to see outfit inspiration we can get for less. Sometimes we can afford a few of the pieces and remake the outfits with authenticity. Through celeb ootd posts we find different color combinations, silhouettes, print mixing, and trends we may not have liked when we first saw them. The reality is celebrities with or without their stylists give us a real visual of what a style looks like, influencing us to add it or not add it to our wardrobes. 

Here Are Our Favorite Stunting For The Gram Looks:

We were definitely seeing some of the best IG style moments of the new decade before this crisis hit. Stars were ringing in the new decade the right way. They weren’t leaving room for fashion fails starting this year and that’s saying a lot. We all remember the fashion we were exposed to in 2000 and 2010, if the clothing wasn’t necessarily a miss the hair may have been. Luckily we’re not ringing in the next decade that way, Snob Queens are coming through snatched!

What Was Your Favorite IG Style Moment Before 2020 Shut Down?

Let Us Know If We Missed Your Fave!


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