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Winter Bag Trends Transforming Outfits This Season

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When it comes to winter fashion, we always tend to focus on outerwear and footwear. We never put emphasis on the cool accessory trends happening because, brightly colored outerwear and bomb ass boots own our IG timelines. This winter we are seeing bag trends we adore subtly making this seasons outfits just a little bit better. Check out all the bag trends we are loving this winter.

XXL Bags

As seen in Zendaya’s November 2019 Allure Magazine Spread. The star wore Tommy Hilfiger and struck a striking pose with an oversized Hermès HAC 40cm bag. Bags you can fit your entire life into are absolute must-haves this season. These bags are especially convenient if you live your life constantly on the go. They can also double as a quick overnight bag. No matter how you use your XXL bag there will be no shortage of space. 

Shop The XXL Trend Below: 

Glam Clutches

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Beyonce has been the ringleader of this trend, making sure to pair a blingy clutch with her epic wardrobe. Adding a clutch with some bling to a formal look is sure to pull a look together. Beyonce rocked her glam clutches with formal gowns and dresses, while La La Anthony made us swoon in her power suit.

 Here Are Some Glam Clutches Below You May Be Interested In:

Mini Bags

The polar opposite of the XXL bags that are catching our attention lately. These bags range from being big enough to put your wallet in to big enough for a Tic-Tac. Every A-List Snob Queen seems to be enjoying this trend, it’s fun, unexpected, and instantly adds a wow factor to outfits. Snob Queens, Rihanna, Lizzo, Saweetie, and more have been seen carrying the mini bag giving the trend life after many questioned what to do with the extreme bags in the first place. The mini bag was among the hottest accessory trends of the season!

Get Your Mini Bags Now:

Structured Top Handle

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Take a deep breath trend rejectors classic top handle bags are STILL in! Structured top handle bags are classic and normally add a pop of color to your outfit. Matching a top handle bag with your shoes or outerwear has been a trend that has gone on for decades. This classic bag has been seen on Kerry Washington and Rihanna recently giving those that aren’t hopping on the new bag trend train a breath of fresh air. These bags come in just about every color and print, are always modern, and big enough to hold day-to-day personal items. There’s no need to switch bags daily when you have one of these in the closet, just pick one to rock throughout the week.

Take A Look Below:

Bottega Veneta

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Yes, the entire brand of bags make this list because, because Rihanna said so. Well she didn’t actually say it, but if you follow her IG feed you’ll notice the style icon constantly rocks Bottega Veneta bags. She often pairs this brand of bags with her Fenty clothing line giving us ultimate outfit inspiration. Rihanna shows us how to style her dope clothing line and which accessories go perfectly with her brand. Obviously Bottega Veneta’s ‘Cassette Bag’ is a Rihanna winner. 

Shop These Bottega Veneta Bags That Are RiRi Approved:

Which One Of These Winter Bag Trends Are Your Go To?


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