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12 Fall Fashion Trends You Can Rock Day Or Night

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Snob Queens are loving all the fall fashion trends for the Autumn/Winter season. We give you 12 of those trends you can rock day or night, without worrying about being dressed appropriately for where you’re going. Take a look below at the trends we chose and ideas on what to buy.


Plaid is a classic print that can be rocked day or night all season long. Mixing prints with plaid will make your outfit the talk of the town on Fall and Winter nights. Get into this trend ASAP

Silk Scarves

I don’t know how else to say it, but black girls love a silk scarf. Take your silk scarf off your head and allow it to cascade around your neck and down your garment for a chic look. Zendaya debuted this trend in her Tommy Hilfiger runway show. Give it a try, add a little excitement to your look.

Square Necklines

I have never paid much attention to square necklines, but now is the time. Square necklines add a subtle sexiness to your look and they are a cut I prefer over v-necks. Give a little peak without giving away all of your cleavage with this look.

Leather On Leather

Leather on leather is probably my favorite trend and the one every Snob Queen is flocking to wear right now. Jasmine Sanders, Tia Mowry, Lola Monroe, Ayesha Curry, and more baddies have been seen getting their leather on leather looks on. Is leather on leather a trend you’re willing to try this Winter.

Snake Print

I’ve been seeing snake print on The Gram a lot lately. Snake print pants, bags, and sets are a hot item right now. Get yours while you can because this trend is FIRE!! Seen on Lola Monroe and Zonnique we can’t wait to steal their style and rock this print as well.

Mixed Prints

Another trend Zendaya’s runway made us fall in love with is mixed prints. I’ve always been afraid of mixing prints–leaving this feat to Solange (the mixed print Queen)! Now I’m down to try the look, designers are starting to mix the prints for you now. There are so many garments you can order now and daring looks to try without feeling insecure about your print mixing skills.

Tonal Dressing

Tonal dressing has been going on for a while now, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. I remember in the 90s when every adult was dressing in one color and I was wondering when that would end. I remember women in red business suits, red tights, red pumps, with a red bag—see where I’m headed with this? Tonal dressing has been an ongoing thing for a while and we just didn’t give it attention like we are now. Rihanna and Beyonce have been the leaders in tonal dressing lately and if Bey and Rih approve who are we to let this trend pass us by?


My absolute favorite piece of outerwear is a cape coat. Capes are an absolute style staple in your wardrobe. This trend makes your look more polished and give you that extra flair your outfit may be missing. Capes are more than a trend they’re a wardrobe must have and I don’t think they’ll ever go out of style.


Leopard is a Snob Queen staple. I don’t know a Snob Queen without leopard print in her closet. We love leopard it’s literally our neutral and we wear it with any and everything. To this day one of my favorite Beyonce style moments is from her pregnancy with Blue Ivy wearing leopard print. Leopard is the animal print that will never get old and goes with just about everything. Get into leopard this season.


I love lace in the Autumn/Winter season because it’s unconventional. Lace is see-through and who wants to be cold this season? Layered lace is a thing right now and it allows you to wear this summery fabric. Peeks of lace here and there this winter is sexy and an unconventional time to wear this trend. It can be worn to work and to off to drinks after.

Midnight Sequins

Midnight sequins hit the runways hard this season and it’s a tricky trend to take from day to night. I believe a sequin blazer or sequin top instead of button down to add a little excitement can be pulled off. Sequins in midnight blue and black can easily go from day to night without having your boss give you the side eye.

Feathery Frocks

Feathers were all the rage on the runway and off as well. Celebs made sure to rock their lace trimmed apparel garnering ooh’s and ahh’s from fashion bloggers everywhere. This trend can be pulled off without looking over the top because the feathers are mainly part of the trimming of the garment. Get yourself a jumpsuit with feathers or a cute jacket and see how many heads will turn in excitement.

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