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8 Must Have Fall Beauty Trends For 2019

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Fall is officially underway and Snob Queens has the 8 fall beauty trends you must give a try this season. Everything you thought you knew about makeup trends in the fall goes out the window this season. This fall’s beauty trends encourages you to try something new and embrace the old in a new way.

Take A Look Below At Fall Beauty Trends 2019:

1. Barely-There Makeup

A no-makeup makeup look is a runway classic, intended to enhance models’ beauty without interfering, and to allow the audience to really focus on the clothes presented. So taking a note from the pages of the runway book and keep things simple and natural it allows your beauty to show through and is my favorite fall/ winter 2019 makeup trend. You can achieve this look with ease with the help of concealer, a little powder, lip balm, and just a hint of mascara!

2. Blushing

This might be the most youthful of the fall/ winter 2019-2020 makeup trends. A touch of pinky blush is the easiest way to liven up the complexion and soften the face, and add a fun pop of color to minimal makeup looks. Pick your favorite blush and create this look ours is Nars!!

3. Bronzed Goddess

It’s hard to resist a bronzed goddess, and this year you are more than welcome to break out your favorite bronzing powder and give yourself that sun kissed glow even though it’s winter. My go to bronzers are. Mac Mineralized Skin Finish or Fenty Beauty’s Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer

4. Dewy Skin

The skin can get so dry and dull during winter, so why not give your skin a chance to shine through with a dewy medium coverage foundation like Make Up Forever’s Water Blend Face & Body Foundation, or a B.B. cream like Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35. A BB Cream will have less shade options though. Notably missing from this trend: shimmery highlighters. This healthy glow is all about moisture.

5. Eyes, With a 60’s Twist

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There are a few elements that are heavily associated with the ‘60s mod eye makeup look, and usually only one of them is required to achieve the effect. The first is applying a rounded line of liner or dark eyeshadow either along the crease or slightly above it to create a cut crease (usually matching it with a swipe of winged black liner on the top lash line, as well as adding a fun pop of color instead of black or white), and the second is a clumpy layer of mascara on the bottom lashes (alternatively, vertical lines can be drawn to mimic the clumpy lashes, giving vibes of a young and up and coming Twiggy). You Can achieve this look by using your favorite eyeliners ours are Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil or Nyx’s VIVID BRIGHTS LINER

6. Pops of Color

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Colorful eyeshadow or eyeliner is a quick and easy way to add some playfulness to your look without the expectation of having to spend a lot of time on you eye look, and since they’re also part of the fall 2019 beauty trends, it’ll be high fashion playfulness that will make you the one to look at.

7. Smudges of Shadow

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Smudged eyeshadow was one of the go-to avant-garde creations from the fall 2019 makeup trends. With artists using both creams and shadows to create unblended, messy looks.

8. The Fashion Smokey Eye

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Dark black & truly gothic smokey eyes aren’t what makeup artists have in mind for the fall/ winter 2019-2020 beauty trends. The smokey eyes they are crafting this season are elegant and high fashion – intended for the red carpet. It is not the bold eye you are used to in night club.

To achieve the look you can use a gunmetal gray shade and apply it all around the eye, and then pull that out past the outer corner of the eye in a sharp shape. Then top the look off with black liquid eyeliner both above the top lashes and below the lower lash line.

An option that was featured in Hermès is Dick Page’s smokey eyes. They were deeper, with black eyeliner applied all around the eye. Then all the way up to the crease where it was smoked out with brown eyeshadow. You can use your favorite eyeshadow to achieve this look. A great palette that has versatile colors is Bh Cosmetics Ultimate Matte Palette!!

Which Of These 8 Fall Beauty Trends Are You Going To Try This Fall?