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3 Simple Ways To Change Your Look This Autumn

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Have you found yourself scrolling through your Instagram timeline wishing you were bold enough to change up your look? Sometimes you need to change things up, whether you want to refresh your look or going through a life change. Sometimes we are just dog tired of our same look and we want to add a little bit of excitement and maybe shock value to our lives. We’ve come up with 3 ways to change your look this autumn.

3 Ways To Change Your Look:


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A wig is a completely effortless way to change your hair without the commitment of a cut, color, or style that can be damaging to your natural hair. Hair extensions or a wig collection can get pricey, but they are great investments. A wig collection allows you to try the haircut or color you always wondered about. You’re given versatility to change the length, color, and style in a matter of minutes when you want. It also protects your natural hair and gives it a much-needed rest from constant manipulation.

We know wigs and extensions get a bad rep, but men don’t know what they’re talking about, nor do they know anything about a woman’s extensive hair care regimen. It is also healthier for a black girl to put her hair in a protective style and leave it alone to retain length. A woman’s hair is just as much of an accessory as her jewelry so have no shame in switching it up.


If you are not already a lash girl try some out. They are an easy way to brighten up your eyes. There are several different kinds of lashes. But for someone who isn’t used to them I recommend a strip in a natural length and style to get used to them. Try going bold with the lashes don’t be afraid to look like bats are flying off your face. Although they may look dramatic there are going to be longer lengths and styles you will want to try once you try them the first time.  

Change Your Look By Trying Beauty Trends

instead of the everyday full glam look featuring contour, highlighter, and a matte finish. If you don’t normally go full glam, try it out and see how you feel.

Switch it up and try the dewy look or the wet/glossy trend.

Do a make up no make up look with sunkissed bronzer and light lips to give you a natural glow.

Try glitter liquid lipstick to add excitement and surprise to your look.

These 3 ways to switch up your look are easy, affordable, and they help bolster your confidence. You may discover a new you that has been screaming to get out for months, but you’ve kept her hidden. This does not have to be permanent in your life, however a little switching up from time to time, will keep you refreshed and from going into your safety

In What Ways Do You Refresh Your Look?


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