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Beyonce On The Run 2 Style Details

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Beyonce On The Run 2 Style

Custom LaQuan Smith (Beyonce On The Run 2 Style)

Beyonce is known for her amazing music first and foremost. However over time she has turned herself into a bonafide fashionista, so whenever she steps out we have to know what she has on. That same sentiment rings true when Beyonce hits the stage. She has managed to take her music career and marry it beautifully with fashion. The On The Run 2 Tour was not void of jaw dropping fashion moments from Queen Bey.

Beyonce and Jay Z kicked off their On The Run 2 Tour and it looks like it is one of the most epic concerts of all time. But what I wanted to know all night long was what in the devil Queen Bey was wearing? So I have a few details for you when it comes to her impeccable wardrobe. I also have where you can get a couple of her pieces. It sounds insane you can get something Beyonce wore on stage at the store, but it is indeed possible.

She kicked off the tour wearing Gucci Lisa boots and Coal N Terry Chella Shorts that are available for retail currently. Everything else Beyonce wore was custom made or fresh off fashion weeks runway. Beyonce’s On The Run 2 style was consequently a fashion show and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Beyonce On The Run 2 Style

Update June 18, 2018

Update July 11, 2018