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Balmain x Beyonce

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This Friday, July 13 Balmain x Beyonce Collection will launch in its Paris Flagship. The next day the items will go on sale to the public on and The collection will feature her Coachella Hoodies and a black tee with the same symbol. Now we don’t have to try to recreate these dope hoodies and we can all represent Beyonce U!

 As usual Beyonce hits us with little to no warning and we have to make sure our Beyonce savings is always in tact because we never know when she will strike. I am elated to see what the collection will look like. I’m wondering if there will be tweaks to the hoodie for mass production, the cost, how long these items will sell for, and if there will be anything else released down the line like this dress:

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but she does have a Varsity Jacket on her website from the Beychella Collection, so you never know. So now we know this capsule collection is coming and that’s all we’ve been thinking about since it was announced. Proceeds from the collaboration will benefit the United Negro College Fund, seriously can this get any greater?

What Are Your Thoughts On This Upcoming Collaboration?


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