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PVC Trend Is Taking Over This Summer

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Monica In PVC Trend

PVC Trend Is Taking Over

There is a trend snobs are loving right now and it can be a bit tricky to style. The PVC trend is taking over summer this year and the snobs are loving it. Honestly I don’t know how I would personally feel about walking around wrapped in plastic. I remember years ago when Kanye West introduced PVC in his Yeezy collection and he was roasted on every level. People were saying the collection was made for trashy strippers like his wife. (I totally disagree with this sentiment.)

Now Chanel has sent head to toe plastic down the runway and there’s praise left and right. I’m not knocking Chanel or any other designer that has chosen the PVC route this season. But I do remember the flack Yeezy caught years ago when he made the PVC shoes part of his collection. Last Year Rihanna did a collaboration with Manolo Blank and unveiled her PVC shoe collection.

Rihanna Manolo Blahnik So Stoned PVC Mules

Thoughts On This Trend

This plastic covering is not just your schoolgirls raincoat it has turned into so much more. There are plastic hats, shoes, coats, capes, skirts, pants, etc. You name it and there is a plastic piece for it and the Snob Queens have been loving it lately. This trend is very easy to style if it is clear, you just throw it over something, clear is not a color and no clashing will be involved. If the PVC is colorful, then just rock the colorful top and bottom as a set and you’re ready to go.

I haven’t worn PVC since elementary school and I wasn’t too keen on it then. I’m even more skeptical as an adult. I wonder if I would be overheated in the material? Or will the material stick to me on these hot summer days? How do I go grocery shopping with my toddler without an indecent exposure charge on my record?

I’m sure if I was wearing Chanel I wouldn’t have this problem, because I’m assuming what I have learned in fashion so far is true. The higher the price tag the better the quality. Chanel has a reputation of great quality, so the PVC should not sweat or get stuck to me. But let me be clear, I don’t have Chanel money to try this trend so, I will have to try and rock them another way. So honestly I don’t know if the PVC trend is for me, but the Snob Queens love rocking this look and in all honesty they look amazing in it.

Are You Down To Try The PVC Trend? Why or Why Not?