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Favorite Fashionista|La La Anthony

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La La Anthony has to be my top 5 favorite fashionista. She’s a tomboy at heart, but her glam or girly girl moments are so me, so dope, so my style that I can’t help but want to dress her every time I look at what comes down the runway during fashion week.

 She is always dressed to the nines, making jaws drop, and making each and everybody thirst in her comments section. She is insanely beautiful, body is banging, and she is very talented, she made sure her fashion choices matched and she is absolutely killing it. La La always has the perfect winter looks to me already. Her outerwear choices are always impeccable and I always find myself wanting to be a hanger in her closet when she steps out.


La La always wears what makes her comfortable, she dresses for the occasion, and she knows what accentuates her shape. She shows plenty of confidence in her clothing choices. She’s a woman exuding power, sexiness, independence, and self-assurance. I always paid attention to her on TRL when I was younger, then she and Carmelo Anthony started a family and I was afraid she would become his wife and stop being La La. She inspired me so much by becoming so much more, by not losing herself, instead she began doing all the things she always wanted to do in her career and she honed her fashion sense to help elevate her in the industry. She understood the way she dressed spoke volumes before she entered a business meeting and her sense of style could propel her into more opportunities with social media being so huge. La La is a fashion inspiration for me forever and that is why I chose her for this weeks fashion fantasy.

With it being Summer and it is EXTREMELY hot plus there are a few awards shows coming up, whether she attends or not there are a 2 looks I would love to see La La in this Summer.



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