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Savage X Fenty Intimates Website

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Savage X Is On Another Level

Rihanna debuted her lingerie line Savage X recently and I immediately wanted to max out my credit card. Not only would my husband be upset with my impulsiveness, but it would be financially irresponsible to do so. Anyway, her lingerie line is legit that awesome to make me want to do those things.

Savage Is An Inclusion Dream Come True

Savage x Fenty offers inclusion, and sexiness on a scale I haven’t experienced in any other intimate retailer. Her brand allows you to have a variety of body types rather than seemingly catering to one body type. I remember an experience I had in Victoria’s Secret, shopping for undies with my friend and the salesperson told me the size I was purchasing was the largest size they made. I’m not a plus size girl, but I do have wide hips and a not so flat backside. We also tried Soma and although I could fit more pieces in Soma, I couldn’t stand the pastels, lack of lace, lack of sexy Soma offered. The design in Soma seemed old lady, and made me wonder where the excitement was because I wouldn’t be excited to wear their products for my husband.

Savage x Fenty gives both, because Rihanna just like me is not the Victoria’s Secret girl and she is not plus size she has a medium build and she’s absolutely stunning. I don’t even want to know the kind of person that would body shame anyone for not being a size 0, but whatever. The only thing I am looking forward to from Savage x Fenty is more colors to choose from, like fire engine red, and navy blue. I don’t mind all the black because the brand is new, but I am looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things this brand has to offer. I also can’t wait to make my first purchase to follow up and tell you how the fit makes me feel.

So here are 5 things I learned upon checking out the Savage x Fenty site:

1. Everything Rihanna Touches Turns To Gold!

2. The Bra Rihanna Wore That Allowed Her To Show Her Nipples Retails For $24 As The Open Cup Bra.

3. I Feel More Included Than I Have In Victoria’s Secret. I Can Buy A Bra In A Larger Cup Size Without Compromising The Sexiness I Want To Feel. And I Can Buy Panties That Cover Where They Should Instead Of Them All Turning Into Cheeky Style.

4. The Damn Collection Is My Favorite And Is My Style Thoroughly.

5. My Nude Shade Is Tobacco.


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