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Bold Colors Are In: The Bold & The Beautiful

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Tracee Ellis Ross In Bold Colors

Tracee Ellis Ross In Bold Colors By Christopher Kane

Spring And Summer Months Are Always Colorful

The Spring/Summer seasons are underway and the Snobs are pulling out all the stops. Historically black women have always been drawn to bold colors, prints, and patterns.

It was the perfect timing for this trend to come about. Designers research everything before deciding on their collections, because the designer needs to profit off their collections. This research includes, their environment, what’s going on culturally, and what’s going on politically. Culturally, black people are sick of being treated like we don’t mean anything dead or alive. Black culture’s standing up and fighting back injustices thrust upon them every single day. The culture is fighting a justice system that wasn’t built to uplift, but to oppress anyone of their race. 

With all this in mind a designer can build their collection or specific pieces with the black consumer in mind. Black women are being bolder in their style choices and are being given more platforms. Black women are being heard more and more each day and When a black woman is given an opportunity to excel she will need something to wear. In comes the designers with the latest trends to give the black woman style options, because appealing to the black consumers makes monetary sense.

Tom Ford Showed Bold Colors For Spring 2018

Snob Queens Historically Love Bold Colors

From Africa to going to church every Sunday with our parents and/or grandparents we have been raised to embrace color. Black women have been taught to stand out, to have our own style, and to embrace who we are no matter what anyone thinks. Seeing bold colors on the runway is right up our alley because, we are instantly drawn to the bold colors over the dull. 

The Snobs have gone head over heels with their bold color selections, Tracee Ellis Ross slayed on the Gram last month in a dress by Christopher Kane, giving us neon vibes and making us want the dress for ourselves. TK Wonder wore a DVF dress that spoke for itself. Zendaya took us back to the 80s in Marc Jacobs Zoot Suit. June Ambrose rocked bold color in her Maison Rabih Kayrouz Suit. Every single look boasted color, style our closets crave, and looks the Snobs love.  


Below we have selected a few crazy brights you might like to try for yourself. 

Are You Into The Bold Colors Frenzy?

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