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Culottes And Other Loathing Trends

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Anybody that knows me personally, knows I loathe trends. Well not the trends themselves because fashion needs trends. I loathe the excessive need to follow them. Now don’t get me wrong a lot of trends I believe shouldn’t even be trends. They’re just good, timeless style that should never become late in the first place.

Then there are trends I don’t understand why they were trends in the first place. The celebrity power, a need to be different, or something that makes us delusional to how bad the trend truly was in the first place. Three trends I hate this winter are culottes, creepers, and puffer jackets. I’m literally sitting here asking myself why they are reduced to winter when they’ve been on the trend list for a few seasons now.
Here’s Why I Loathe These Trends:


I will say I kind of get why people wear culottes but then I’d be a liar, I never find them flattering no matter how well put together I see the person that’s wearing them. I definitely hate them on myself. It’s confusing, they don’t know if they want to be a pant or not. Then they flare out making the decision to wear them even more baffling to me. So we are expected to feel stylish and well put together in a pair of pants or long shorts that flare at the bottom. The name isn’t better than the actual style of these bottoms.

They’re style pneumonia.


Creepers are just creepy, I hate everything about creepers. There is nothing about creepers that will make me feel they are flattering, cute, trendy, relevant, stylish, fun, etc. As you can see I really hate creepers! I don’t care who makes them, endorses them, or swears by them. Everything people swear by isn’t always good for you, there was a time people swore by cigarettes…

That’s what creepers are to me they are a pack of cigarettes that never run out and comes with a lighter with unlimited fuel. They’re bad for your closets health, your style’s health, and one day you will look back and ask “What the hell was I thinking?”

This is style ICU.

Puffer Jackets

Last but certainly not least is the puffer jacket. I don’t care what you put on with it, you still look like the Michelin man. I know there are websites and blogs that explain if it’s worn in different ways like with bottoms that are not as voluminous it can be proportionate and flattering.

Lies, Lies, and MORE LIES!

You still look like Big Hero 6. I am an understanding person and I get the need to just be warm in winter which is why I am not as hard on this trend as I am on many others. It’s in the top three because of my personal distaste for it, it has nothing to do with functionality. I’d rather layer and put on a more flattering coat. But then again winter where I live is hardly 3 months let alone cold enough for me to walk out the house looking like Styrofoam peanuts of my color choice. Just the way it looks is enough for me to leave it in the store or on the website I saw it on. It’s not capable of belonging in my closet for any reason at all whatsoever.

This is style flu.

This Is How You Look


  • Jennifer Collier


    Ok – lol! I feel you completely on puffer jackets. I’m too darn fat to wear them anyway. And I can certainly pass on creepers. But I kinda have a fondness for culottes. Anyway – great article! I’m sitting here lmbo. It’s amazing how you turned three fashion faux pas into stylish outfits! Well done!

    November 28, 2016

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